Meet AL Smith!


Over the last three decades, AL has launched 18 companies and successfully sold nine of them with the most recent sale in January of 2023. He has stepped into turnaround CEO roles, short term leadership roles, and supported multiple teams to accomplish more than they would on their own. (more)


With entrepreneurial and corporate experience spanning many different verticals, AL is a sought after mentor with a wait-list. He only mentors a handful of people at a given time with a minimum one year commitment. The end goal is for you to be proficient and self sufficient after the first year. (more)


Although AL is a charismatic leader, his most powerful skill is using his diverse background and knowledge to identify unique strategies that others often miss. He quickly identifies key core challenges, creates unconventionally unique strategies, and helps you cultivate the characteristics and qualities you need to execute those strategies. (more)


AL is an accomplished photographer with over 30 years of creating captivating portraits that excite viewer’s curiosity while make them want to learn more. He believes that a photo should suck you in and ignite a feeling of wonder and intrigue. (more)

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